How To Translate WhatsApp Messages

A translation app that supports smart AI translation and scene learning.

Traveling but don’t speak the language of the locals? Want to make friends but worried about not being able to communicate? Can’t understand the original text of the idol’s post? Want to read foreign language novels but have trouble reading?
With Hi Translate, everything is no longer a problem. Hi Translate can help you communicate with people of any language in any country without barriers, allowing you to have a truly fluent conversation with foreign friends and eliminate communication difficulties!

Hi Translate is the earliest translation application dedicated to the study of African languages, including some unpopular languages. We are determined to provide users with more professional language translation services.

🤟Language translation learning APP chosen by tens of millions of users
💪135 languages for you to choose
👩 Accurate human pronunciation
👯‍♂️Situational dialogue learning

Download Hi Translate and become a language master.

Do you want to master a foreign language quickly? Want to learn a foreign language but don’t know where to start? Come to Hi Translate, start the first step of language learning! Hi Translate can help you master language learning methods faster, and join the ranks of tens of millions of language learners, learning English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and other 135 languages. Believe in Hi Translate, fall in love with Hi Translate!

Integrate language translation learning into real life:
🙋 Introduce yourself
🍝Go to the restaurant to order food
👫 Chat with foreign friends
🚶 Ask for comments
🚌Buy travel tickets
💻Talk to clients and give demos
🚕 Taking a taxi abroad
🏢 Hotel reservations
🛫 sign in

135 languages for you to translate and learn:
✔️ Learn English
✔️ Learn French
✔️ Learn Hindi
✔️ Learn Spanish
✔️ Learn Portuguese
✔️ Learn Russian
✔️ Learn German
✔️ Learn Korean
✔️Learn Japanese
✔️ Learn Arabic
✔️ Learn Thai
✔️ Learn Turkish
✔️ Learn Bengali
✔️ Learn Urdu
✔️ Learn Persian
✔️ Learn Vietnamese
✔️ Learn Burmese

📚 More languages are waiting for you to explore!

Don’t worry even if you are already using other language translation learning software, HiTranslate will help you learn foreign languages better and let you master the second language faster!

Download the experience now and swim in the ocean of language translation learning!

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Our apps may use the Accessibility Service API to help users retrieve text from any app and provide text translations in their native language. This app neither obtains your personal data nor violates your privacy.

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