call history of any number without OTP

Download to get SMS Call Log Contact true backup & Restore with PDF Print option

call history of any number without OTP, truecaller ) and you can instantly save these backup in email, Google Drive/ DropBox or save them on any cloud location/where ever you want. Backup and Restore feature is available for SMS and Call log in addition to PDF backup which is available for SMS, Call Log, Contacts and statistics

1- SMS Backup & Restore/ Favorite SMS Backup into PDF

E2PDF is very simple but highly productive app that allows you to take sms backup of conversation of your loved once and then never loose that again. You can either restore them or can take PDF backup. All you have to do is to select conversation and before taking backup in PDF, whole conversation appears on your screen, you will enter output file name and with one click backup will be created. Generated backup file can be stored on local drive or in email and can be instantaneously shared/ save in cloud location.

So with E2PDF, you can take

* sms backup of your friends conversation for fun
* sms backup of your family and loved once.
* sms backup of your business conversation with your partners or contractor.
With this application, user can also perform sms tracker operation for courts or legal purpose by taking PDF backup in record and then using whole conversation later on as per user requirement.


With Call Log backup and Restore feature, user can take Call log backup and restore it in any other device. Backup is created in xml format which is also readable. With PDF backup feature, you can select either to take backup of Dialed, Received, Missed call or take complete Call Log and can use it as per your requirement.

GOOGLE CONTACTS Backup/ Export Contact
To backup/export Google Contacts to PDF, follow these steps
* Go to your contacts
* Select Settings
* Select Contacts
* Select your Gmail account whom contacts you want to select.
* Go back to E2PDF, and select “Contact Menu” and following normal procedure.
* Google contacts will be exported to PDF and will be ready to save.

PDF is generated using

PDF is generated using stranded writers so output file is compatible with almost all known readers including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Xodo PDF Reader, Sumantra , Radaee ,Preview, Foxit, PDF-XChange and many more.

The output generated file can easily be shared over email, Whatsapp, Wifi-direct, Bluetooth and you can save it directly to your Google Drive or DropBox/ icloud
“sms backup and restore” will be available in next release.
E2PDF following features are complete free
truecaller backup, google contact, sms, phone contact backup.

E2PDF works perfectly fine with other sms tracker apps

To download an app, you typically need to follow these steps:

1.Open the Google (suryatech xyz)on your device. The may be called the App Store (on iOS devices) or Google (on Android devices).

2.Search for Suryatech.xyz the app you want to download. You can search by name or keyword.

3.Once you’ve found the app you want to download, click on the app’s icon or name to open its details page.

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4.On the app’s details page, you’ll see a button that says “Download” or “Get.” Click on that button to start the download process.

5.If prompted, sign in to your app store account to complete the download. You may also be asked to provide payment information if the app is not free.

6.Once the app has finished downloading, it will be installed on your device and you’ll be able to use it.

7.It’s important to note that the specific steps for downloading an app may vary slightly depending on your device and the app store you’re using.

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